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Recording the Right Side of History

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Why RSR?

Music for the Open Minded

Recordings for the Ride Side of History. Whether you are looking to have your music professionally mixed, mastered, and produced or you are just starting out, we have got all the tools you will need to start making beautiful music. Your experience here at Right Side records will not only help develop you as an artist but will also provide you with a community of like minded people who believe in genuine freedom of expression without the fear of being silenced or controlled. We live in strange times, where censorship is seemingly at all time highs for anyone who believes in the value of life, liberty, and individual sovereignty. Unlike other record labels and production companies, we seek to promote the folks who share those values, and who understand that in order to create real art, we must be allowed to express ourselves freely.

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For Your Listening Pleasure

At Right Side Records it is most important to us to not only create high quality records, but to also make sure that your music gets the exposure it deserves! 


SonnyBoy Williams

January 25th, 2022

With this latest single, Submissive Sheep, I wanted to focus my attention on creating something fit for film and television. I feel like team at Right Side Records really accomplished that. Check it out on Spotify, or click the link below to watch the music video on YouTube! 

Photo 9.jpg

The Steezy Gents

July 3rd, 2021

We recorded 3 songs live. This was the very first song that we recorded @ RIGHT SIDE RECORDS, and we were able to get what we wanted on the first take!

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